Mexican and German Baked Traditions  

Food connects us across cultures and generations.

FILOS Bakery prepares handmade baked goods that help you share your traditions with others and make you feel at home wherever you are by delivering delicious traditions to your doorstep.


A little about us

Francesca Arienzo


Francesca comes from a Mexican-Italian-German family. Her first memories are of cooking with her grandmas for Christmas. Each of them have their own special recipes. They asked her to continue their baking traditions and she decided to share those not only with her family but with all of you.

      Food was always the starting point for a conversation between the multicultural members of her family, and food still represents for her a way to start new conversations between cultures and generations in a world that is  getting more and more polarized.

      As a busy lawyer, she never found the time to celebrate the traditions that are so important for her and for her identity. With FILOS,  Francesca wants to help other busy people reconnect with their traditions by delivering delicious food right to their doorstep.

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Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one's life

Anthony Bourdain


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